Saturday, 3 April 2010

Street Heroes Go Green!

Here's a link to a great website- Moss Green Children's Books- which encourages kids to get interested in green issues and even donates some of its profits to green charities. They're carrying an interview with me at the moment and will be reviewing Street Heroes very soon.

Also well worth looking at is Authorhotline- a website with lots of information about children's authors, their favourite food, pets, crisp flavours, as well as what inspires them to write. (Worcester Sauce flavour- if you're interested....)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Nayu's Reading Corner- insightful reviews of Kids Lit

Got to give a plug to Nayu's Reading Corner. It's an amazing blog / act of devotion by someone who loves children's fiction and reviews it with insight and passion. OK, she gave my first book Ghostscape a great review recently, and she's also running an interview with me, but it's not just about my own bigheadedness- Nayu's Reading Corner is a fantastic resource for finding out about kids lit from someone who truly cares about it.

Here's a link- Enjoy!


Review of Ghostscape: